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It's a conifer collectors paradise here in maine. With a total of 13 different varieties of evergreens native to our beautiful state there's some just waiting for you!!!    

Hi i'm John and I live on Verona Island Maine. I started dragging home spruce trees in 1962 and planting them in my yard.I was  fascinated by there light and airy look. They gave me an inner calm. I discovered bonsai in 1971 and fell head over heels in love with them

So with only a book on bonsai and brute strength and ignorance I started with spruce trees to make into bonsai.Over the years I discovered that spruce trees make excellent bonsai and are very easy to grow. I even have one red spruce that has survived since 1971.


Everyone who sees my trees wants one I have sold trees to three diferant bonsai masters and to the American Bonsai society symposium.

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